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Wild Foraging Margaret River

Night Bioluminescence adventure

The closest you will get to a natural Avatar experience :)

Are you ready to witness a natural wonder that will leave you in awe? 
Come and witness one of the most extraordinary fungi that nature has to offer - the Ghost Fungi! Join me on a unique and fun night adventure that will transport you to a magical world where mushrooms emit a soft green light, glowing in the forest in a breathtaking display.

Fun Fact - did you know that the Ghost Fungi glow can be bright enough to allow reading the words on a page? Why don't you bring yourself something to try and read.


A thrilling walk through the forest at night, armed with torches in hand and accompanied by like-minded adults and children. Our primary goal is to witness the glow of the majestic Ghost fungus and explore the forest floor for other beautiful mushrooms. As we move around, the sound of our footsteps crushing the leaves and twigs below will create a rhythmic melody, adding to the excitement. Our torch beams will light up the dark path ahead, illuminating the forest floor and revealing a mysterious world full of surprises. And if we're fortunate enough, we might even witness the captivating spores of a mushroom, swaying in the gentle breeze. 
With a sense of anticipation and thrill, we eagerly await what the forest has in store for us tonight!

To witness this natural phenomenon, we will gather in the parking lot of Rotary Park in Margaret River and drive just five minutes to the location.

But hurry and book your spot! This uniqe experience is only possible on those dark days of the new moon and only for the few weeks this mushroom lasts.
Make sure to bring a camera with an option for a delaying shutter to capture the beauty of the glowing mushrooms in all glory!!

Join us for this family-orientated fun adventure - check out the dates


  • Suitable warm and waterproof clothing
  • Sturdy hiking boots or gumboots
  • Long pants, against scratches and insects
  • Torches 
  • Camera

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My aim is to create a fun, adventurous, and safe event that accommodates most people who wish to participate. However, please note that this tour is not accessible for those with mobility impairments or other access needs.

Looking forwards to walking with you
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